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Originally Posted by bcd View Post
I'm heading to St. Martin and have been thinking about trying kiteboarding. Is it hard? I think the boarding portion would be easy (since I wakeboard), but worried about fighting control of the kite the entire time. Should I get a lesson? Is it easy enough to pick up that it would be worth doing, or is it a very steep learning curve?
We have a lot of kite boarding where I live in Kailua, Oahu, HI. I have not tried it yet.
But, I see the guys there all the time that teach lessons, and I see their students many of whom are very athletic/young, mostly guys. And very few make it look easy.

I definitely would get a lesson IMO, otherwise you can get pulled out and if the kite goes into the water, ouch. Seen folks out there floundering and they have got the lesson! You get tired real fast in this case and it will ruin your day.

Turning the board around back into the wind to get back from whence you came is another aspect that I think takes a lesson to do as well.
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