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Originally Posted by 94PS190 View Post
We have a 25 on the pontoon and it as all we ever needed. I have never understood why you would put a 150 on a pontoon? if it was the only boat, maybe. We ski behind the prostar and drink on the pontoon. I can think of anytime we have been in any kind of hurry with the pontoon. 99% of the time it is just in gear. plus, horsepower is expensive. Just my 2.
Well, a 150hp is obviously not for everyone. We tend to entertain quite a bit and with the extra horsepower, you can load the pontoon up with people and tube or ski as an overflow boat, so it is nice to have the extra hp when you want it. You are correct in that HP is very $$. Most of the cost in a $60k pontoon would be in the engine. Granted, a $60k pontoon would probably be running around a 250hp, but I have seen up to a 300hp. To that, I say why? I have a good friend whose dad has one with a 250hp on it and it will certainly go and is faster than my PS205. That is their only boat for now, other than the waverunner, so they do pretty much everything behind it. Also, we are on a very large lake, with over 750 miles of shoreline and when you are 30 mins away from the house with a crying baby, you tend to want to get back a little quicker than a 25 could handle. Granted, we are usually cruising around 10-15mph in the pontoon, but it is nice to have it when you need it.

There is one guy on the lake that has a pontoon with twin engines, one on each pontoon. I haven't seen it up close, so I don;t know which engines it has, but I do know it flies. It probably does 65mph or better, which is a bit ridiculous. High tech Red Neck, I guess.
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