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Originally Posted by JimN View Post
You can't fix that without sanding the old off and giving the new something to grab onto. If you scratch/gouge out the cracks, you'll just end up with stripes of a different color, even if the gelcoat repair is supposed to match.

That deck rotated too far- I suspect that someone pulled the pin on the actuator and either accidentally let it flop back or the wind took it. It can't do that without one or the other- if you remove the pad and rotate the hinges, they'll match the gouges exactly.

Keep it from moving too far, don't over-stuff the storage area and don't twist the deck.
Actually Jim the actuator does allow the deck to go back too far. I've witnessed it and you are right that the hinges match the gouges exactly.

But the point of my recent post was to try and figure out a way to prevent it from happening again. I've had the spots sanded down and re-gel coated. It looks like new now. But I'm trying to get it where it doesn't gouge anymore. Thus I thought about putting some rubber bumpers or some silicone back there to keep the sundeck from hitting the gelcoat again. If I leave it as is, someone could let it go back too far and it will gouge the area out again.
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