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Originally Posted by Hogwild View Post
Sorry about all the threads lately but I'm really trying to find the right boat before the summer and you guys have been a lot of help. That being said, how hard do you think it would be to fix the gelcoat around the damaged area in the picture? This is right around the hinges of the sundeck and there seems to be some stress cracking, but i'm not sure if this is fairly common for a 12 year old boat. Further, even if I got it fixed, how could I prevent it from cracking again? I'll hang up and listen

You can't fix that without sanding the old off and giving the new something to grab onto. If you scratch/gouge out the cracks, you'll just end up with stripes of a different color, even if the gelcoat repair is supposed to match.

That deck rotated too far- I suspect that someone pulled the pin on the actuator and either accidentally let it flop back or the wind took it. It can't do that without one or the other- if you remove the pad and rotate the hinges, they'll match the gouges exactly.

Keep it from moving too far, don't over-stuff the storage area and don't twist the deck.
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