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My engine hatch screws pulled out with very little effort. that dog house is heavy. I guess the front latches hold it in place for you guys then.

I love the look of the anodized red on the MCX, not sure I'd buy that engine if a clear history was provided. The dataplate on the transmission has black overspray, makes me wonder what they are so haphazardly hiding.

Exploring the possibility of a Mercury Bravo repower, I made a couple calls this week, Mercury wasn't alot of help, I'll do some more on that working 4/10's. I also talked with an old ski buddy who owns a boat shop in FL, he's encouraging me to go with a PCM repower, bring the boat to him then we can remove the antifowling paint buff out the hull and spend some time getting things done right by somone who knows ski boats... But it's a 14hr tow. Would be nice to have peace of mind for the ski season and not have to tinker 2hrs for every hour of skiing.

As far as physical progress I removed a few more things while the weather was nice yesterday #needashopformyboat.

Drivers seat is frozen to the tracks by rust. I got under it and freed the latch mechanism but couldn't get it to slide. I was able to remove the bolster, so I can remove the bracket and clean it up.

Also removed the platform brackets to get them in line for a date with the paint stripper and blast cabinet.
Most of these brackets have pitting, I feel I can live with that and just cover it with a good protective coating of paint. Suggestions are always welcome, I was thinking epoxy. I don't really want to pay for powder or anodizing.

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