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Not Much news, I cleaned out the garage of dust, Although I had the tarp up is still got everywhere. I ended up just using a leaf blower and blowing as much as I could out the door. I am sure there is still lots there.

Unfortunatly work has started to get in the way of my progress, so I think it will be a slow and steady go for awhile of working on the little areas when I can grab a minute or two.

As we all know the windshields aren't available any longer and this has stopped me from removing it right away as the safest possible place for it in my mind is right where it is. My plan was always to remove it and hopefully be able to do all the heavy sanding, wet sanding, polishing, waxing, all in one shot and then re install the windshield.

As large chunks of time are less available I am now considering doing the windshield in stages, as I don't have a safe area to store it for long period of time.

Can I remove the side windows and brackets one at a time? or do I need to remove the entire windshield as one piece?
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