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Originally Posted by CantRepeat View Post
Great looking shot, Jim.

Do you have a link to the current like model or model number? I did order two of the base model cameras in my package with the intent on doing more research and possible upgrades to them. There were a few break-ins at the end of last year so I was kind of rushed to get something installed.
That camera is the Digital Watchdog V3363D. The new model I used last is the V4363D. The new ones can use RG59/18-2 siamese cable, separate coax/two conductor or Cat5e/6/7 cable. I'd like to see them put an RJ45 jack in the shell- at this point, it needs to be spliced. They also have cameras that use one pair of wires to control the camera remotely, so you can pan/tilt/zoom even if you're not where the DVR is located. I would suggest making sure the camera can be programmed to go to a 'home' position after it's re-adjusted. No point in having a PTZ camera and leaving it so it's viewing an area that's not what needs coverage. Rather than PTZ, I like to have redundant coverage- that way, if someone tries to disable a camera, it's seen by another camera.

Here's their site- there's a notice at the bottom about buying from unauthorized sellers and they mean it. No warranty.

They have smart-phone apps, too. The iPhone app ( works with iPad, too- that's how I got a referral job last year) is real-time, with motion. The Blackberry app is snapshot and needs to be refreshed in order to see any change.
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