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I just captured this image- it's not really as bright as the photo shows, but the settings allow EVERYTHING to be the way I want. This is using a Digital Watchdog camera- it's not terribly expensive, it uses available light ('Starlight'), it blocks extremely bright lights (headlights and flashlights aimed at it to blind the camera) and the black bar is part of the "privacy" function, meant to keep the camera from sending sensitive images to the DVR (bedroom, bathroom or any other neighboring building that would be an invasion of privacy). It also works when an extremely bright light is causing flare, due to the curvature of the dome, as teh sodium vapor light next door does. This camera is almost 3 years old. The new 'Snap-It' series is submersible, once the dome is screwed in place. 5 year warranty, too.

Keep in mind- this wasn't captured on-site- I did it over the internet, using my computer. The image seen at the location is just like viewing it on a monitor. Also, the time is more than an hour ahead of real time- it was 7:02AM when I captured it and, apparently, I need to check the time setting on the DVR.
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