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Working on replacing a vcg on my PCM 351. You know, if I had 1/2 inch more space between the riser and the valve cover the job would be much easier lol. I've got it ready to go back in but I'm going to apply a small amount of spray adhesive to the gasket so it will stay in place long enough for me to get those two bastard bolts in before it moves. Lol.

edit: well I used my extra long needle nose pliers (they are about 15 inches long -- I originally bought them to install a clip deep down in my convertible's top folding mechanism) to insert the bolt down the length of the valve cover (between it and the riser -- you guys know which bolt I mean lol). Got the bolt into the hole. Then I used my socket with a short length of fuel injection hose inserted into it to thread the bolt. After that I had to buy a 1/4 universal joint (didn't own one yet lol) to torque it down properly. It's done now -- only thing left is to take the boat out and see if the leak is fixed!
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