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Originally Posted by Oneday View Post
I just fired the boat up today. It won't stay idling. And I have a gas leak coming from the front of the motor. Dose the fuel pump have a weep hole for when it goes bad. And I had te carb rebuilt last summer. So an help would be great. It's an 85 351w 1091 hrs. Stock. Thanks.
There is no gas route on the front of the engine.

Fuel pump does not have a weep hole. "BOOM".. lol...

Can you not look at the engine and find the specific source of the leak? I mean, how hard is it to find the leak? Typically the places for a leak are each end of the hard fuel line (threaded connections) from the pump to the carb. After that, it becomes a carb issue for leaking but that is not on the front of the engine.
Don't go tightening any connections with a huge amount of torque to see if that eliminates the leak. The threads are soft. No need stripping a connection.

Fire up the engine again and look in the area on top of the fuel pump where the line goes from the pump to the carb. The pump would be on the side of the engine. Go from there. It can only be in one of a few places and a quick glance should do the job. Place something over the adjacent carpet so as not to get fuel on it and soil a spot. Gas is unforgiving on carpet.

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