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Originally Posted by CantRepeat View Post
Well I placed an order this morning with Security Camera King. I found a 5% discount code on the webs.


Total cost was right at a grand.

I ordered:

8 Channel Ultimate MINI Series SKU: DVR-LT8240MHD This is a Dahua brand DVR which has a built in Linux OS.

This DVR is about $250 bucks less then the other ones they have because it does not come with a DVD burner. I know I'll never use that feature because I can just pull the video off the HD over the network if I need to burn it.

The 8 camera external power supply is standard.

I also got two of their base line indoor/outdoor IR cameras.
600TVL Indoor/Outdoor IR Dome #OD-CM600IR50-B

For the main living room I went with a camera with a few more features and an adjustable angle camera because I have to mount it in a vaulted ceiling.

The camera that will cover my shop and boat has a longer ranger.

700TVL Varifocal IR Vandal Dome # VD-EL700IR100L2812

To round out the bundle I ordered a 500 foot roll of siamese cable, crimper tool, and bunch of ends.

I'll let you guys know how it works out.
dang.... it sucks when you gotta pay a thousand bucks to protect your stuff
will you get a break on home insurance?

post a tutorial or pics..... we are simple minded creatures and we like pictures

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