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My credit is good so that's not a issue just wondering if age will hurt me
I guess I can actually put a real 2 cents in here. Your age will not be an issue. Your age of accounts does matter. Without knowing your credit profile it would be like shooting in the dark but low dti, good status on your revolving accounts, and previous installment accounts are going to be your biggest positives. The weight of these factors varies by bank but credit unions have been traditionally easier to get recreation vehicle loans for at a better rate. if any of these items are out of whack you can expect a higher rate or no loan at all. The market as it is isn't very conducive to sloppy lending like it was years and years ago. What will also help is a nice down payment. My credit union required nothing down but believe most will. If you can give me your location I can see who is playing nice in that area.
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