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Originally Posted by Wake the World View Post
A couple of these lakes are heated so we are talking low to mid sixties for water temps. The air temp is all over the place though. It has been as cold as 48 and as warm as 83. I have only worn a wetsuit twice for this event so far. Out of the 8 locations, the 2 warmest lakes are Hyco and Belews Lake.
I was wondering how a lake would be heated, so I did some google searching and found that Belews Lake is heated by Belews Creek Power Station, a coal-burning power plant. They have a 38% efficiency rating. The remaining 62% is released in the form of heat, and dumped into the lake. In fact, the lake was formed for the purpose of providing cooling water for the power station.

I'm sure this is great during the winter, but I'm wondering how warm it gets in the summer!
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