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That's a pretty small pontoon. I'm assuming you are looking for a 2 logger and will be on relatively flat water and you don't plan to tow anything. Even at that size I think you may be underpowered. I'd look at a 75 or 90 minimum. If you stay with the big brands, you will be fine with reliability. There really isn't much to go wrong with a pontoon other than the motor. I have a premier with a honda motor. However, for me it came down to the floor plan. I just couldn't find a Manitou, or a Bennie with the floor plan that fit our families needs. I didn't shop any of the other brands because non of then had a true performance package at the time.

The software for outboards may be a bit more proprietary than the inboards that are all mainly versions of a small block chevy (no offense to the PCM/Ford guys). Having said that, you may need to check with your mechanic if they can and will work on your Yamaha/Honda/Merc/'Rude. My old mechanic when I had my MerCruiser told me he could no longer work on my boat when I bought the Honda as he didn't have the software to interact with the on board diagnostics. Fortunately, I do most of my own work anyway.

Another brand not mentioned above is AquaPatio. Also, South Bay makes a nice toon.

In the end, since your needs seem pretty basic, your decision on brand will likely be more influenced by dealer/service proximity than the "best" brand.
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