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Hey, thanks for the feedback.

Running the cables won't be an issue for me as I already have flood lights at each corner of the house. I do need one long range camera, about 125 feet to cover the shop and the boat.

I'm kind of thinking a combination of 3 outdoor cameras that cover each door, 1 to cover the shop and then one indoor camera to cover the main living room.

I figure I'll go with someone's DVR, don't know which one as I have no info on brands. It seems most have auto back up features to back up to a NAS box or computer. I'm sure I want phone notification on motion.

What about camera resolutions. I see a lot of 480s, 600s and what not. I assume higher res offers more detail at the cost of drive space. How much drive space is taken up by 4 or 5 cameras on full time record? IE how many days do you get before it starts record over old video?
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