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I as well wanted to go with the black pad with the light blue mastercraft logo but they strongly recommended against it. I told the lady that I live in the NW where it doesn't get hot but about 4 months of the year. I also said that the boat was stored inside out of the weather when not being used. She then seemed to think it would be fine. Her main concern with the black was for boats that sat out in the sun most of the year in hot environments like Florida or Texas that would end up fading rather quickly. I said screw it and went with the black and light blue anyway. It looks awesome, and it turned out great. It took about 4 weeks or so after I sent the outline kit back in, which is required, and then taken off the price for the actual pad. (kit was like $15). Go for it, you won't be disappointed. If my boat sits for a time outside like in front of house for example, I just cover the pad with a towel to reduce UV exposure. MCOCD!
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