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Originally Posted by tlukens View Post
I don't know what weight the carpet is. I bought it from the guys who did the seats. I looked at some indoor/outdoor stuff that just didn't seem like it would hold up as well. I had a tough time up in the bow under the deck getting it to lay down good, but I enjoyed the fumes from the glue.

Oh yeah, I'm looking forward to that bow area too. What width rolls of carpet did you use?
Must have been 8 foot width. I was able to get both sides out of the width. I saved the old carpet I took out and used it as a template. It was a little harder than I thought it would be. I used glue from west marine. I had the carpet laying in the boat, applied glue up the sides of the boat, then to the back of the carpet, stuck that, then did the floor bottom and back of carpet. The glue sets up slow, so you have time to work with it. I had a helper on one side, did the other by myself.
I'm waiting to get my new swim platform brackets back from a buddy who is welding me up some out of stainless. The platform was loose, and the brackets were cracked. So I cut holes through the floor like other guys have here so I can put the backing plates in there.
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