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Originally Posted by jkski View Post
Well, the Amish framers arrived prompt;y at 7am to begin work and would be a lot farther along if the truck delivering the steel beams hadn't slid off the drive about 1000' from the homesite. Had to bring in wrecker to get him squared away but eventually he made it back to the site and unloaded. They got moving along and I would say that before the end of today they will likely have all of the I-Joists set in place and flooring will go on tomorrow.
They plan to be done by the end of next week with the roofers scheduled for 1 week from next Monday.

The Amish are incredible workers and their work ethic is to be admired!
If it is ready for roofing on 1/14, that is impressive. Building this time of year is a real b!tch, huh. Just keep in mind that the trade-off is you will be in by ski season.
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