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Good questions and keep in mind, I am one of the victims of the slide-off so!
The biggest issue is that the trucks are having to back all the way in from the road as there is no place for them to turn around without getting stuck, so backing in 1500' with twists and turns is no easy task. Ice really is not the problem so much as the guys not knowing the drive and/or trying to make a turn too quick. The steel truck went off the drive at the first turn...not really sure how as I had a bank of snow piled up there from plowing the 800' straightaway and I put it there for this very reason. The turn is wide enough for a dump truck and large equipment trailer to easily get thru and the drive is plenty wide and marked well. The majority of the trucks have come in and out without issue and with the snowbanks built up now from plowing it privides a nice runway. I really think it is just one of those things where if they walked the drive prior to trying to back-in they would be OK....or if we could make a turn-around area obviously it would be much better (working on that one this weekend).
We are getting a warm-up the next week so that will either make things better or worse. The next big challenge will be the truss delivery truck on Tuesday.....I think I will have a wrecker on standby!
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