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Originally Posted by tlukens View Post
I don't know what weight the carpet is. I bought it from the guys who did the seats. I looked at some indoor/outdoor stuff that just didn't seem like it would hold up as well. I had a tough time up in the bow under the deck getting it to lay down good, but I enjoyed the fumes from the glue.

I didn't get the side combing(I think that's what its called) redone because I want to go with something more durable. We use the boom a lot and I want to put something on there that will hold up. I have seen some done with wood that looks pretty good. Anyone got any good ideas?
My ideas-

HydroTurf or Blacktip

Hydroturf is pretty impressive stuff, the way it holds up on my stand-up jetskis always impresses me.

If I did wood, it would be Teak, and easily removable so it could be oiled once a season out of the boat.

I would consider a color of UHMW (cutting board material) that matches your interior. It can be worked with woodworking tools such as a router and skilsaw.
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