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I have a river to surf with no houses/docks and a decent sized lake, can be 500 yards from shore easily. Would be worth while if someone produced a Surfers Etiquette Guide. Helpful tips, useful information, safe distances, diagrams of wake travel based on lake depth/distance/size/speed/draft/other factors. With little notice, waves on the lake pickup and are easily 3 foot white caps, so the expectation of having no waves on my lake is lower. There is a difference when Mother Nature is to blame, I get that, but just saying. Tubing / wake boarding can create massive rogue waves as well, specifically when double ups are involved or two boats traveling in opposite directions cross.

The guys cruising at surf speeds with a 18-21ft boat driving 50ft from shore with 10 ppl cause as much or more problems.

To get back on topic, it is an interesting innovation. I'm more likely to invest the 3,000$ for something like this or surf tabs into a better ballast system that makes a great wake on one side until I'm good enough and have the desire to start hopping from side to side (of course that desire can be solved with wake boarding). I'll wait and see as i believe that this sport will have significant innovations in the next 18 months.

I also remember when Snowboarding was banned on many ski hills (20-25 yrs ago) because people didn't respect other people.

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