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Originally Posted by east tx skier View Post
Okay. Technically, you have what we have branded the "FSI." Still a 2.0T, but belt driven with a different intake path and different PCV system assuming Europe and the US have basically the same setup, if only differently tuned.
I think we don't have the FSI branding anymore since there were some uncharged "real" FSI in the beginning.
Originally Posted by east tx skier View Post
We do have the DSG as an option in the US from 2010 on (at least in the CC and GTI). Mine is a 6 spd manual, however. Just my preference. I don't notice an absence of torque or any issues with shifting as a result. The TSI 2.0T loves 4k--5k rpm. But, frankly, I think mine goes like crazy from 2K--5K. At about 6K, I think the K03 turbo has had enough. I have a modshack intake that helps quite a bit with the throttle response. I previously had an APR intake, but sold it because I think it causes a bit of hesitation for some reason.
Yeah I meant DSG in the R, to be honest there is no real 'absence' of torque, but I'm just spoiled from the low end torque in my SL55 which I don't get to drive to much anymore since I own a Mastercraft But for changing mechanical parts on the engine, we need to get the car checked and reapproved in that case, that was to much of a hassle for me, also modifing more than a stage1 always comes with a louder exaust, which is no option for my everyday use.
Originally Posted by east tx skier View Post
There was a VW update for the DSG in around August 2012 that people over here were really happy about. I'm not sure if it is an improvement over a Tuner's DSG update though. I have a Unitronic Stage 1+ on my engine and am perfectly happy. If I really get on it, I can keep the tires turning loose through 3rd gear.

I need better tires.
or 4 wheel drive

this is what I'd love to own, but then again, you could get a much cooler car than a Golf for over a 100k Euro sorry its german
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