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For those that doubt the size of the waves, a couple years ago I was out surfing and a friend with not a lot of experience was driving. He was a couple hundred feet from shore at least. When we got to the dock to pull out at the end of the night there were a couple guys ready to fight. They had been out on the lake in a canoe with their kid fishing and apparently our wave capsized the canoe and they had to be rescued by another boat. They were soaked and pissed. To this day I still don't understand how no one in the boat noticed. Granted we ride on a big lake (9 miles long) and it was busy Friday evening but I really felt bad about the whole thing. We apologized as many times as we could and they guys eventually left but you could tell they were hoping we would be jerks so they could get in a scrap. Surf waves have some power, even hundreds of feet away.
2013 X-30, 6.0L with 2500lbs of ballast and 500 lbs of lead.
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