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Originally Posted by kgrove View Post
The irony is the people doing the most wakesurf bashing are the ones who most benefit from some of these new surf technologies.

I'd throw myself in that camp... Much prefer wakeboarding to surfing, which is exactly why I'm interested (depending on price) in some of these technology developments. I'd surf more often if it weren't such a production to setup the boat. It wouldn't change me into a surfer - would just add an hour every now and then to the end of my day on the lake.
I think KGrove is on to something here. To be a hardcore surfer it takes thousands of pounds of ballast, experimentation, customization, etc. Right now I lack the patience or time to mess with all the set-up. My fondest surfing memories have occurred when I had a boat full of adults that I could send to the back corner, fill factory tanks, and go. If new innovations would make the set-up quicker and easier with out fat sacks, etc then great.

That said, I will sit back and watch and see which gimmicks stick and which ones fall to the wayside. I have already owned a boat with surf tabs...I left them off of my new build...hmmm
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