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Originally Posted by Jerseydave View Post
Great innovation and would be very useful on bodies of water with no homes/docks. I don't have a waterfront property (yet) but if I did and someone was continuously surfing in front of my dock I wouldn't stand for it.

As more boat companies jump on the surfing bandwagon creating bigger wakes than a 42' cabin cruiser, more homeowners/property owners/environmentalists will be opposed to wakesurfing and perhaps other towed watersports. Keep in mind wakesurfing is not legal or even popular in many areas yet. Maybe boat companies should look into the legalizing of wakesurfing in all states before introducing these new inventions.
As cant said its all about respect, wake surfers and boarders are rarely the problem when it comes to causing problems with bouncing peoples boats and docks around on our lake.

The largest group that we have trouble with are public access boaters that want to buzz peoples docks at 10mph 50ft from the shore while cruising around the lake.

You do have a fair point about it being outlawed in some areas due to unfortunate events, but the same goes for other tow sports or restrictions on boat size and power.
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