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The irony is the people doing the most wakesurf bashing are the ones who most benefit from some of these new surf technologies. Pure or hardcore surfers still look at these as at best small improvements in their ability to tweak the wave shape, but it doesn't change their requirement to weight the crap out of the boat or spend time reweighting to get the wave on the other side. Pure wakeboarders who view surfing as an occasional lark or fun to goof around with at the end of a long day wakeboarding or when the conditions are too choppy benefit by being able to quickly dial in an acceptable but not great surf wake.

I'd throw myself in that camp... Much prefer wakeboarding to surfing, which is exactly why I'm interested (depending on price) in some of these technology developments. I'd surf more often if it weren't such a production to setup the boat. It wouldn't change me into a surfer - would just add an hour every now and then to the end of my day on the lake.
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