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OJ Legend 14x17 1 1/8" slot prop

I have a 14x17 that has a fresh re work done on it.

'91 and older 190's did not come with the HO engine set up. When I got my boat someone had removed the gt40 heads for some reason. I still don't know why. Well with a ~240hp power plant and a slot Tranny I decided to go from 18 pitch to 17 pitch. It helped. It brought up rpm and the boat seemed not to struggle as much.

I had 2 OJ 3 blade props that were 14x17. One that I used prior to engine mods and the freshly rebuilt prop I'm describing here was my spare.

I rebuilt my engine to 325hp. Now I have 4 props.

The 14x17 is a great rebuilt prop that has no dings. I traded an exact prop that I was using on my boat before engine upgrade for a 4 blade at a local prop shop to run after engine mods. I ran that OJ 4 blade that I traded for until I finally decided to go CNC a year later. Then bought an acme CNC and OJ CNC 4 blades both higher end props. It is better for me to sell this prop vs re pitch it to an 18 or 19. I dont think a 240hp/slot will have enough grunt to turn a 19 pitch and the 18 pitch was a little much.

I would not sell this prop to any owner with a 285hp or higher 190 w slot set up. They will turn it too fast. '91 and earlier with the lower HP engines the prop will work great.

This prop is in no need of repair. It was pitched from 18 to 17 and was my spare. I have never mounted it since the re-pitch. It is a fresh rebuilt prop.

It's easy to find $100 props that need repair ($80-$100 extra) so my price reflects a prop that needs nothing but a home under a Mastercraft. This prop is in perfect shape. It looks brand new. It was rebuild and never mounted.

OJ Legend keyed propeller


1 1/8" shaft

Brand new $420

I'll take $200 & you ship.
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