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Many of the Sports Stuff line appears to be better thought out to deliver a quality, submarine free ride.

Big Bertha would be a good round choice. I cant remember if there is enough room for a single to full croutch to get a good, stable pic.

We have a Speed Zone 2. It is similar in size to Big Bertha but flatter. Never a submarine issue. The things that make it a good kids towable like deep cockpit seating, bottom cushion helps to smooth out bumps and stable ride, sound like characteristics for photog work. A single could straddle the hump and have good bracing with the seat backs or leave them deflated to lean back more? Also the extra cockpit space could allow for more gear and less need to drag the tube in to change equipment. (assuming floating bag to store the other pieces)

Speed Zone 1 could also be an option. I have no direct experience, just drawing from assumptions of the speed zone 2. Being a single, it is 20" narrower so it should be faster to inflate/deflate easier to handle since the primary focus is on boarding and not dealing with a huge tube. A reverse riding position would probably be ideal but I dont have any experience on how it handles with more weight in the bow. Weight would only be in the bow at speed which might make it more successful than starting out that way?

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