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Originally Posted by jdl xstar View Post
Thanks for the ideas and suggestions, russell and txriverrat. Hawaii is also a possibility but never thought the water/beaches were as nice as what one can find in the carribean- but I may have to re-visit a Hawaiian vaca based on your recommendations. As for Jade mountain- I have definitly heard of it! It might be a little too expensive for what i'm looking for but I can tell it is an amazing place.
If you seriously consider Hawaii, and you plan to hit Maui, I highly recommend you stay in the town of Kihei... The hotels will rape you with the food prices. A friend of mine just got back and said the breakfast buffet at the hotels are now $35 PER PERSON - wow! In Kihei you can eat at catch of the day types of places for under $40 for both of you. Plus all the really cool nightlife in Kihei is alot of fun... the dive boats take off from there as well.

Be sure if Maui is what you select, to contact me, I have my own insiders guide I typed up for a family member that went also...

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