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Originally Posted by Stefan View Post
Not sure how the brandings in the U.S. are now, but most of the current VW gas engines here are TSI's , usually single turbocharger with high pressure fuel injection. The R is a 2.0 TSI with 270hp (256hp in the U.S.), mine has around 310hp, which makes it a fast quirky car around town, but with a way to small gas tank out of town. But you are right, the one or two times I drove it somewhat slow on the Autobahn (well below 100mph) it had a reasonable gas consumption.
But what I'm saying is that it's riduculus to have a smaller engine which in case you use the power under real life circumstances, it consumes way more then a larger non turbocharged one.
Your point is well taken. One reason I am driving a VW now as a long time Honda owner is that the latest generation Accord was a total pig compared to previous generations, which were more "peppy." With the turbo on a smaller 4 cyl engine, it's nice to have the power when you need it or want it, but be able to settle into some reasonable fuel economy when you are cruising. In the US, we don't have the luxury of the German autobahn. So, for the most part, 70--80 mph is where I topping out. Still, it's nice to have a car that can do what I want when the mood or need strikes me, but can still settle in and sip the petrol gently when I have the cruise control set and the kids are asleep in the back seat.

As far as the engines go, for ease of reference, this is the TSI in my CC (200 hp stock; 270 hp tuned; picture before new intake installed).

And this is the "TSI" branded engine in the current US spec Golf R, which is actually a tuned up FSI (256 hp as you said).

This is the FSI used in the US Spec 2.0T VWs until 2008.5.

What have you done to your Golf R to get 310 hp. Is that stage 1 and an intake or did you go for a K04 or larger turbo?
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