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Originally Posted by east tx skier View Post
Isn't the Golf R actually an FSI branded as TSI? I rarely get over 90 mph, but like to get on the throttle around town. My mileage improved slightly when I got it chipped. I'm at about 270 bhp and 300 ft/lbs of torque at the crank. Don't know the metric conversion to that off the top of my head.
Not sure how the brandings in the U.S. are now, but most of the current VW gas engines here are TSI's , usually single turbocharger with high pressure fuel injection. The R is a 2.0 TSI with 270hp (256hp in the U.S.), mine has around 310hp, which makes it a fast quirky car around town, but with a way to small gas tank out of town. But you are right, the one or two times I drove it somewhat slow on the Autobahn (well below 100mph) it had a reasonable gas consumption.
But what I'm saying is that it's riduculus to have a smaller engine which in case you use the power under real life circumstances, it consumes way more then a larger non turbocharged one.
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