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So did anyone see a Romo chokejob coming? LOL. Also I'd love to shake some sense into Garrett. You have a kicker who nuts everything he kicks and you won't let him kick a 51yd fg with 30 seconds left in the first half? That net of 20 yards was worth it. Glad the kids play hard for him but his play calling in key situations is questionable at best. You have 3+ min left and come out throwing every down while 3 of your best wr's are on the bench? Come on man! I might honestly put away ay cowboys love until Jerry Jones has a rose growing off his forehead if it wasn't for Dwayne Harris. What a beast!

Now that the cowboys have choked and ECU has choked I'll eagerly await the pats to choke so I can go into a 2 month pissiness. I personally vote that football season gets pushed back 2 months so it correlates directly to the start/end of riding time

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