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Originally Posted by 3event View Post

Ford has dropped to 2nd last in reliability on that big consumer magazine's list.

That was Consumer Reports Magazine. Some of the reviews in CR are useful, but I find a lot of their reviews to be completely off base....I remember them recommending the GMC Sierra a few years ago. They gave it above average reliability, and it was a CR "top pick".

In the same issue, they gave the Chevy Silverado a very poor rating on several catagories, including reliability.

The Silverado badges and nameplates must have had serious issues that year, because, that is the only thing that seperates those trucks.

It should also be mentioned, that consumer reports clearly stated that, most of the reason for Fords drop on the list, was due to the "difficulty" to use MyFordTouch. I have that system in three of my fleet vehicles, and could see how it might be difficult for people that are not into todays gadgets...... That being said, what the heck does that have to do with reliability??

Ford has had some issues as of late...... You will have that, when you push the envelope of innovation. I applaud the effort. They are certainly kicking the tar out of GM and Chrysler.
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