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Originally Posted by mikeg205 View Post
kyle love your pole speaker system... never really looked your boat before...I have a skylon pole..need to get a bimini like yours and wake board holder... which wakeboard holders did you get? I wonder if they would work on my skylon pole...

The skylon is a 2 piece standard skylon.

The wakeboard racks are the standard skylon wakeboard rack that fits the pylon.

Ok get ready for iPhone instructions. I may need to post up close up pics for you.

Take the racks off of the skylon mount. Then drill out the mount to fit a larger through bolt 4 bolts. This way you can through bolt with washers, and nuts.

Build a custom fiberglass box out of wood, sch 40 irrigation 8" od pipe, PVC end caps, window screen and lots of time.

The wood is for the front and back skeleton. Then cut the PVC pipe to length. Install cap to pipe. Insert the pipe from the rear to the front. Drill screws through the wood to secure the pipe. Then wrap with window screen and a staple gun. Put resin and matting on the formed screen. Once hardened sand to a smooth finish. Drop the box off at linex bed liner and have it sprayed.

The speaker will screw into the edge of the pipe. Pre drill the speaker holes into the pipe. You are drilling down the pipe not through it. Basically splitting the difference in the ID and OD of the pipe. Install speakers. Install box on the skylon factory mounting bracket. Through bolt the rack outside of the speaker box through the box and through the skylon bracket. Basically sandwiching the box between the rack and mounting bracket.

I built it in my head and then built it. Sorry I have no pics of the build process. I figured people would think it was ghey and why would I waste that much time instead of buying a tower. I just prefer no tower on a 190. If I had a 197 it would have a mini tower.

Btw the 2 7.7 JL audio speakers I have up there are louder than most people that have 4 tower speakers. My friend with 6 tower speakers still can not over power those 2.

Taymc197 can out play me just due to the fact that he and I set up his boats tower system and he has proper power going to 4 speakers where I only have 2. But either way they are extremely loud.

If you want I can draw a set of plans for you if need be. That way you have better directions.

It took time but well worth it.
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