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I am just turning in a 2010 company lease Merc Milan (aka a Merc badged Fusion) and I wouldn't recommend anything from that era for sure. Noisy and underpowered, with a lousy transmission that misses the shift 2-3 when cold (google Ford Fusion transmission problems). The mileage appears good until you realize the gauge is telling you a 10%+ fib. As far as rattles and squeaks - nothing noticeable. Fit and finish is good.

If the 2.4 engine and tranny are the same in the new fusion then do some research before you vote with your wallet.

Additionally , there is a recall on the Fusion/Escape ecoboost engine:

On the F150's , potential issues as well?

Ford has dropped to 2nd last in reliability on that big consumer magazine's list. I'm no fan now, and the local dealer didn't help any. I hope that the most recent significant and rapid changes to new technologies for fuel economy - such as wider use of turbos (yes I know VW-Audi-Porsche , but ... not all makers are so capable) , and CVT transmissions aren't "innovations" that become poor decisions in hindsight due to how they were designed in some of the mass market vehicles.
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