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I had my husband make me a "water skiing station" in the basement. I got my rope out of the boat, took 70' off, and tied it around the stud. I had my husband cut 2 pieces of plywood and put them at about a 35 degree angle, screwed into the stud and then into a 2x6 on the floor. I can do my squats, lunges, and put my feet against the board and "slalom", pulling hard against the rope and plywood, leaning out. It's been great for balance, extension, etc. My PT gang has been very happy with my balance, I contribute it to my skiing. I tell them, you get up out of the water being pulled by a beast, drop that ski as the boat is accelerating, get that foot in the strap balancing on 1 ski, then swing back and forth across the wakes. I took the grandkids bowling the other day and other than getting tired the last of 3 games, the knees (r is 3.5 months old, l. is 6 weeks) held up great! PT, PT, PT!! And good luck and patience
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