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Originally Posted by jkski View Post
Well, the framers are set to begin on the 2nd despite the fact that we have not had a break in the weather to better prep the site. So, I plowed the drive yesterday and as you will see below, part of the drive won the battle! It was a bit of a wild ride as I slid off of the drive extension leading to the garage while hoping not to hit the foundation.......needless to say I will be shoveling this area in the future until I get the drive built up and stable!
OH, and when you are this far in, a 3/4 ton truck will not pull you out, it took a large JD farm tractor which pulled me like I was a toy...thank god for the local farmer!
Fyi...i have 800 feet of gravel drive and tack welded a slotted 2" schd 80 around my blade so I can avoid digging up gravel..skims over the top and no spring raking

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