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Originally Posted by CantRepeat View Post
Personally, I wouldn't mind paying more in taxes.

As far as war, surely we don't NEED any more, but did we NEED WWII? No. Even at 49 I'd gladly saddle back up if war came to our shores.

And that tax rate article is BS. It's the flat tax rate and doesn't even include deductions or exemptions. It's just some flame bate news crap.
Should we have just sat back after Pearl Harbor? To be honest, we wouldn't have had our ships there if we weren't planning to jump in but that would have made us look so weak we would never have recovered. Nobody needs a war. It wasn't brought to the US and Hawaii was only a territory at that time but they attacked our navy, which was an act of war, so we made the declaration.

If someone is stupid enough to try to wage conventional war against the US, all of these civilian guns will come in awfully handy. If this comes from the Middle East, we all know who they'll be aiming at and who will be targeted by those who are their intended victims. If they come here in the same clothes as what they wear in the M.E., it will be a piece of cake for us. Even if they try to blend in, they won't be able to speak English well enough and without an accent to not be suspected.

What we need is for people to buy our own products.
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