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The US government is spending 1 TRILLION dollars more each year than it is taking in. This will be the 5th year in a row that annual deficit has exceeded 1 Trillion. October and November had deficits 20% higher than last year. We are on record pace.

The Fiscal cliff will kill the economy, say hello to a double dip recession, and bring in maybe an additional 320 Billion in revenue. We will still have a deficit of 800 Billion. Money our kids will eventually have to pay back.

Clearly this is NOT a taxation problem, it is a SPENDING problem. We have got to quit trying to be the nanny state. Can't feed them, don't breed them. Don't have a cell phone, get a second job or do without. Need to eat, get to work.

I am sick to death of how soft and fat our country has become.
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