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Originally Posted by BlackMagic205 View Post
Can any good upholstery shop repair a boat interior? I would like to redo mine but have no idea where to start and where to get the correct materials. There is not a high demand for boat repairs in the area of Canada where I live.

Thanks in advance
Whereabouts are you? Grande Prairie perhaps?

What sort of "repair" do you need -- complete reskin of all the seats or just some minor repairs. A good upholstery shop should be able to take care of most anything, although prices can vary widely. (Just be sure they use marine vinyl.) I just had a local shop do a couple of skins on my X5 (which I'm getting ready to sell.) They did a great job. The advantage with a local shop is they will be able to serve you better if for some reason the new skin doesn't fit correctly.

If you search this forum there are lots of upholstery threads and some good suggestions for places to get it done . . . but they all involve shipping to the US and back. I used
CopyCat covers for an observer's seat. The workmanship was outstanding; the customer service and turn-around time, not so much.
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