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Originally Posted by JimN View Post
Beg your pardon? The ones who want to continue to take from the government and are in favor of the government leading the country to ruin got what they wanted. The rest of us are getting screwed.

BTW- that majority was of voters, not the country. I'm pretty sure there's a good number of people who don't vote but could have voted for someone else in an effort to keep Obama from being re-elected (like an alternate candidate), even though they may be eligible.

How, exactly, would no growth and high unemployment do the country ANY good? If you remember, the only thing that got us out of The Great Depression was WWII and another World War is the last thing we need.
Originally Posted by JimN View Post
What do you propose to do about the huge number who never pay because they have no job skills, education or desire to improve themselves to the point that they would be able to make more?
Good points JimN - Obama will go down as the worst President in the history of the USA. He's not a leader, he's an egotist!!!

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