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Originally Posted by FrankSchwab View Post
OK, here's your chance. The US Budget for 2012 contained 3.7 Trillion dollars in spending, and 2.4 Trillion dollars in income, for a net deficit of 1.3 Trillion dollars. So to balance the budget, you need to ax 1.3 Trillion dollars from the Federal Budget.

(From Wikipedia)
(Billions) Function
$778.57 Social Security

Social Security isn't an expense, unless they're funding any part of it, which they aren't. They're distributing money that was contributed by people whose pay put them in the bracket that makes them "worthy" of doing so. Sure, they have management costs, but apparently, they use that to justify raiding it for a source of free money.

So, I guess the deficit is more like $2 Trillion dollars.
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