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1999 205v Snapped Shaft

Hi Guys

out the other day and under load sheared the shaft up buy the couple'r, don't think i have hit anything, looks like it may have had a crack from a past incident though, probpflew back and hit the rudder but have beaten out the dents and looks ok, cant tell if the blades have bent more than than just the nicks though,

any way its summer here in New Zealand and i need to get a shaft over ASAP as no one in NZ stocks them.

i have pulled and measured the shaft and PLEASE correct me if im worng but what im looking for is a 52.5 inch by 1 1/8 Dual taper,

if i ended up needing a Prob its an OJ 4 blade it say 14 and 16 on it, so i think i am looking at a LH 14 x 16?

found these sites.

any help would be awesome thanks.
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