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Originally Posted by captain planet View Post
Just like my father in law says, "I've never come home to find my guns going off in their safe by themselves."
Obviously, they would do her no good for protection if they were off-site but by keeping them in the home, where he knew the location and how to get them, she is very much to blame. She was the victim of her own complacency.

I commented that sane people don't do this, but 'people who don't understand why this is wrong' aren't necessarily insane. It hasn't been said if he was schitzophrenic, if he had other violent tendencies or if he was a siciopath/psychopath, but Asperger's doesn't usually cause this. However, it does show up as the person not knowing/understanding boundaries, not communicating well with others, not making eye contact and taking things said/done in ways that weren't originally intended. It also frequently includes the person imagining all kinds of "what if" situations.

According to one person who said he was Adam's sitter, he was told by the mom that he shouldn't turn his back on Adam for any length of time. That tells me he should have been on some kind of meds or under constant care, not left with a sitter.
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