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Originally Posted by 2RLAKE View Post
I'm with ya ... It definatey counts ... I took a ton of runs today in Jackson Hole ... We did about 27,000 verticals feet today and about 90,000 over 4 days ... Legs are tired today
I love Jackson Hole. I use go to Idaho Falls for business. I would fly into Idaho Falls but out of Jackson Hole the following day and have a ski day between. However, I have not been back to The Hole since they closed down the old tram and re-opened the new one. I rode the old tram on the last day it was operational.

A couple of years back we stayed at Grand Targhee. Although smaller Grand Targhee sometimes gets better snow being on the western side of the Grand Tetons. However, as you said, the top-to-bottom at Jackson is a real kick-your-but run. Both are close enough that if you stay at one you can make a day trip to the other since it is less than an hour drive between the two - unless there is a storm in the pass.

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