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Originally Posted by Kyle View Post
You will know real quick if you did it right or not.

The light drag is really enough to have the shoes touch the outer (hopefully round) drum. Like barely touch it. Just enough to make a rubbing noise.

If you are too tight going and retrieving your empty trailer will be interesting as the wheels would lock up real fast when driving around without the weight of the boat on the trailer. Wheel hop and lockup would be extremely easy on a light trailer.

Everyone here described how it should be done correctly. I just wanted to give a result incase you happened to have them too tight because you are so strong

I can't even believe that 5 clicks back from locked up would even be correct. That would burn those shoes up real fast and you would get lock up and possibly not be able to back up or extreme wheel hop when empty.

Sounds like you are good though.

I agree with everyone else as well. Just to add a little (did not see it mentioned), 1st time out with boat on trailer, stop after a short distance (about a mile or so) and feel the hubs to make sure they are not heating up too much. I was able to tell that I had one side a little tighter than the other because one side was a little warmer than the other. Repeat the check again about about 5-10 miles just to be sure.
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