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Originally Posted by lazyade View Post
Excellent, thanks. I'm still a bit confused at the previous owner on my boat has but cast iron exhaust manifolds on, which have a a two water fittings at each end, one larger one by the water pump and a smaller one by the transmission. Looking at the diagrams at the above FTP site my boat (half indirect cooling, half raw water) shouldn't have two water take offs from each manifold. Not sure where the smaller diameter take offs go - guess I might see once the engine is back in the boat!
Originally Posted by Bouyhead View Post
Three scotches to the wind but here it goes: the fittings on your manifold toward the front or the motor should come from your thermostat housing, to send water to cool the exhaust gases. The fittings on the rear of the manifolds, by the transmission are for draining/winterization purposes. I think.
The diagram for my engine EXT CAT RWC shows the drain hoses Bouyhead mentions. Some of the other diagrams also show the drain hoses. However I don't see the drain hoses mentioned in a few of the other diagrams. I just don't know if they did not bother to show them or if they really are not to be there. I could see then not using the drain hoses on the FWC systems. I see "Annually, you should remove the end caps to drain and inspect
the heat exchanger." in one of the service advisories at the same site. Also makes me think maybe drain hoses are not used on closed cooled systems. BTY I used FileZilla FTP Client and downloaded all the documents at that site so that I have them local on my PC.

Maybe someone with a closed cooled system on this forum can shed some light on this one.
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