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Originally Posted by CC2MC View Post
Mike205, is this something that you have done to yours before?
As Kyle stated in another post my OCD on my boat is 13 on a scale of 10. I inspect my riser manifolds every season. My riser/manifolds are approaching 18 years old. I have yet to pull off my exhaust manifolds because they do not show any sign's of seeping or leaking. I obsess about the oxidation occurring in the water jacket of my engine manifold and risers.

I have been treating my manifolds bolts every season to maintain them. At one point I will have to pay the piper and pull the manifolds. But until then oxidation and I will be battling it out.

If you can't get the manifolds to budge with simple's time to get the professionals involved. The only thing I can think of is that there was some water intrusion or oxidation that worked it's way down the mating it needs to be broken loose. I would seek professional advice before applying to force or a strong blow from a hammer to brake it loose. Any boat owner should be ready to fork over $1K to repair an old engine. Maybe PM JIM at BAWS to get an opinion.

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