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Originally Posted by Voodoo View Post
Well said Michigan Tim. The care and feeding of many of the boats posted here is incredible. As well as the demonstrated skill and knowledge. My MC is nothing but a work truck -- mechanically maintained and little more. The boat is there to serve me and provide a platform for slalom and wakeboard -- we launch, ski three sets apiece and get out. I am too damned busy to dote over her. Her innards are well cared for, however. There is no radio and the backseat is in a kid's bedroom. The boat has been from KW to the UP, 1000 hrs of salt and 300 fresh. The upholstery is shot. Owned her for 14 years, been through the course countless times, trained dozens of kids to ski and wakeboard -- all at a cost of 7K, gas and maintenance. But, as they say, to each his own -- I still enjoy viewing the nice boats. For me, she is in the same category as my tile saw.

Mechanically sound and aesthetically poor is still a cared for boat..IMO - I tend to leave my rear seat at home as well... Feel lucky you don't have the MCOCD..

FWIW - you would keep your tile saw in good mechanical condition right and safe? Get's the job done and everyone goes home happy
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