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Originally Posted by Michigan Tim View Post
OK, if this is a 1996 that as been sitting trashed for 6 years, that could still mean that the original owner used it for 10 years and got many, many hours of enjoyment out of it. What did one of these cost in 1996: $25,000? If so, then $25,000 / 10 years = $2,500 per year of use, even if he trashed it at the end. On the other hand, this site is full of posts of guys who bought 100k plus 2012 models now turning around and buying 2013s. Even if they get a screaming deal on a 13, as I have read some attest, still seems like with taxes, registration, depreciation, etc, they would need to be taking at least a $15,000 + hit just for 1 summer of use! (tax on 2012 purchase, hit on trade in value and tax on 2013 purchase).Not condoning someone trashing a 96, just wondering out loud why there is never the same outcry for the amount of $'s wasted on the other end of the spectrum?
Kudos to the OP who would have the ambition, talent and desire to take on this type of project. Also props to all of those chipping in with such useful tips for this project. Some very mechanically skilled folks on this site. About all I'm good for is throwing my opinion around from the cheap seats
The big difference is if this boat would have been covered it would be a 15k or 16k boat. How much trouble is it to put a cover on a boat? No trouble at all to most people here so that's what makes this kind of thing so ugly and why people cringe when they see this kind of thing. Who cringes at 2012 that's in great shape? No man.

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